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Three Mice-Removal Mistakes to Avoid

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Mice aren't exactly invited guests. For this reason, when you have a problem with mice in your home, getting rid of them becomes your main priority. Make sure you understand that there is a wrong way to go about this process. Going about mice removal in the wrong way will lead to less than stellar results.

Mistake #1: Relying on Glue Traps Alone

When it comes to getting rid of mice, glue traps alone aren't going to be the solution. The reason for this is that the traps don't immediately capture the pest. For example, if you have the trap positioned at the attic door, a mouse may be able to drag the trap down the stairs and into other areas of your home before the glue actually takes effect.

As a result, the attic then doesn't have a trap, meaning mice can roam free in the area. In addition to being less than effective, this will also create extra work for you, since you will need to roam around the house looking for glue traps.

Mistake #2: Using Poison

Poisoning isn't just toxic for mice; it can also be harmful to your family and small pets. Depending on where you apply the poison, you run the risk of the poison ending up in the wrong hands. It's also important to understand that while the poison will be effective at killing mice, you don't know exactly where the mice will die.

If you're lucky, the mice might die someplace out in the open from which you can easily remove them. However, more often than not, the mice will eat the poison and then travel to some secluded place before dying. You will only know you have dead mice in your home because of the foul smell.  

Mistake #3: Overlooking Entry Points

Mice don't originate inside a home. They enter from the outside. You can treat your home with the most effective treatments available, but if you aren't blocking the mice from reentering into your home, your problem won't go away. First, consider the fact that mice can fit in just about any hole, no matter how small it looks.

Make certain you are sealing off all the areas around your doors, including the garage door, as well as the attic and the openings around your basement. This way, once you get rid of the mice you currently have, you will have also blocked off the opening for any more to enter your home.

To successfully eliminate mice from your home, it's best to contact a professional. In addition to choosing the appropriate treatment method, a professional will also help ensure your home is secure in order to prevent a new infestation.