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2 Ways To Increase Your Propane Gas Sales

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Propane distributors are considered energy companies, but for employees who are charged with finding new accounts, the businesses might as well be sales companies. After all, sales is sales -- regardless of whether you're selling candy bars for a youth sports team or propane for a distribution company. For salespeople at propane distribution companies, the job is to sell propane. If this describes you, here are two ways to increase your company's propane sales.

Expand Your Product Offerings

Many companies successfully expand their customer base by offering products or services related to their primary seller.

Your company could increase its customer base by offering propane-related appliances and services for those appliances. You might begin selling any or all of the following:

  • gas stoves and ovens
  • gas heaters
  • gas water heaters
  • gas clothes dryers
  • gas fireplaces

By offering to install and work on these, you'll set your company up as a comprehensive propane business -- one that both sells propane and the appliances that use it.

If you don't want to take on the added costs of carrying inventory and hiring repair technicians, you may be able to partner with a service company that does offer these products and services. You can either outsource the work to them or refer customers to them. As long as customers know they can call your company when they need help and the work will be done promptly, they'll be happy to continue buying propane from you.

Market in Hardware Stores

There are many places where you can market your propane services, but few are as promising as hardware stores. Local hardware stores often have large sections of propane appliances, and the customers that look at these appliances will need to purchase propane from a distributor in the area.

To advertise in a local hardware store, ask the store manager if you can put up a couple of flyers in their appliance section. Of course, you should also offer to compensate the store for the advertising opportunity. All you need is one store to accept your offer. Because customers often shop at multiple locations before purchasing a large appliance, many will see your flyer even if they don't get their appliance from the hardware store you're advertising in.

If you're looking to attract new propane customers, talk with your company's leadership about expanding the company's products and services, and ask local hardware stores about advertising. Together, these two tactics could turn this year into a banner sales year for both you and your company. Contact a company like Graves (John) Propane Of Arizona Inc for more information.